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and The Men's Initiative for Jane Doe
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I have been volunteering as a member of Men for HAWC (Help for Abused Women and their Children) for the past six years, and have participated in the creation of Massachusetts’ statewide Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe, the coalition of battered women’s agencies and rape crisis centers. For the past four years I have been volunteering as coordinator of Gloucester Men Against Domestic Abuse.
Now in GMADA’s fourth year, since the billboard went up and BREAKING OUR SILENCE was finished, we are sending out hundreds of copies of articles about our work, 200 copies of the video, and hundreds of bumper stickers. In addition, we have requests from several places for t-shirts and other items carrying the STRONG MEN DON’T BULLY‘ message. All of this has been at our own expense.
To keep offering these ideas and items, we are building GMADA a website and creating a business. This is necessary in order to keep track of expenses and sales in an appropriate way. For now, the business is essentially a one person business, with the help of volunteers. If the interest continues to grow GMADA will become a formal non-profit corporation. Hopefully sales from the website will begin to reimburse our expenditures. Any net profits will be dispersed equally - 50/50 - between women’s agencies working with victims and programs encouraging prevention and recovery for boys and men.

Men For HAWC